About SoCal Golf Guys

Created in 2007, and built by golfers for golfers, SoCalGolfGuys.com provides a home for golfers that want more than a weekly game from their club. They want a lifestyle. SoCal Golf Guys want variety in their game, the courses they play and the formats in which they are played. SoCal Golf Guys is the place for tournament golf in Southern California.

In addition to being a great opportunity to play competitive golf, we are an SCGA Certified Golf Club with handicapping services and more. If you like to meet fellow golfers, compete in friendly but competitive tournaments, SoCal Golf Guys Players Club is the place for you. We are continuously evolving and finding new ways to enhance our community and the collective experience of golfing in Southern California.

If you love golf and would like more information, please email us at info@socalgolfguys.com or give us a call at 714-694-3988. Thank you.

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